oneGRID pick-by-light and warehouse management app

Licensing model

oneGRID App Basic License

  • Setup and configuration of the oneGRID system
  • Browser-based cloud application without additional software required
  • User Management System (1x Superadmin, 2x Admin and a maximum of 25 users)
  • Management of the warehouse structure and material locations digitally mapped and routes optimized
  • Creation of articles and picking orders
  • Order management with import function via CSV/Excel
  • Control of digital pick-and-place processes
  • A maximum of one user can process picking orders one after the other (single-order picking)

+ Multi-User Pick License

  • Allows simultaneous processing of another picking order by an additional user (multi-user picking)
  • In case of multiple multi-user licenses, the picking orders are assigned via different operator colors in the GUI and on the shelf

+ PickCart License

  • Enables the simultaneous processing of multiple picking orders through the use of a oneGRID PickCart (multi-order picking)
  • Assignment of several orders to one PickCart via the GUI on the PickCart
  • In case of multiple PickCart licenses, the PickCarts are assigned via different operating colors in the GUI, the smartCAPs and on the shelf

+ ERP/WMS Connection

  • Connection to own ERP or WMS system via interface for direct exchange of order and article data
  • Interface definition and interface development


System architecture oneGRID system

Overview of oneGRID pick-by-light and warehouse management app

The oneGRID App already offers many building blocks of a warehouse management system.

Figure: Core functions according to VDI 3601

The most important functions

Easy installation of the oneGRID system - Hardware

Easy installation by gluing the LED strips to the shelf
Little cabling effort: Up to 5 LED strips to one controller and PoE

Easy installation of the oneGRID system - app

Browser application does not require additional software
Digitally map warehouse structure such as shelves, compartments, compartment modes (Kanban, FiFo + Charge, Standard, fixed storage bins) and intuitively assign LED strips to individual compartments

Easy setup of the oneGRID system - without ERP

Creation of individual articles in GUI
Creation of the digital picking orders

Easy setup of the oneGRID system - with ERP

Import der Artikelstammdaten aus ERP
Update picking orders on demand

Application of the oneGRID system (shopping) - Picking process

Intuitive guidance of the picker via LED strips and graphic interface
Route optimization based on previously defined shelf sequence
Multi-user picking including guidance by assigning different colors per employee

Application of the oneGRID system (shopping) - Placing process

Intuitive guidance of the picker via LED strips and graphic interface
Differentiation between batch-based / chaotic / fixed storage bin

Application of the oneGRID system (Shopping) - Storage Management

Overview of all bin locations (which article in which bin)
Filter options including display on the shelf by LEDs

Add-Ons - Inventory Mode

Continuous inventory through counting and confirmation of material stocks integrated in the process
Documentation of counting stocks as well as counting processes (incl. export options)

Add-ons - storage space optimization

Transfer of materials integrated in the process to improve the storage situation
Automatically detect same materials at different storage locations with suggestions for merging

Add-Ons - Multi-Order Picking

Integration of a PickCart for parallel processing of several orders