truma headquader
Use Case

Truma Gerätetechnik

The Task

Our extensive product portfolio is usually accompanied by accessory sets and assembly materials.

The assembly material can sometimes include up to 20 different components that need to be packed. To optimize the packaging process, a workstation is equipped with oneGrid sensors.

The Solution

The employee is supported in his work by the sensors and the linked oneGrid software. The picking stations and the quantity to be picked are visually displayed to the employee. The removal of the components is confirmed by the smartCAP button. The software indicates how many accessory sets still need to be packed and visualizes the corresponding parts list items.

In addition, the employee can scan the Data Matrix code on a production order with a handheld scanner, whereby the software automatically accesses the associated parts list and transfers the quantity.

The Result

The use of sensors and software enables new employees to be trained quickly, increases quality and reduces the error rate.