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We are HMI experts, innovative entrepreneurs, technology perfectionists and digital natives. CAPTRON is a modern, medium-sized family business with four decades of experience in the development, production and distribution of sensors for complete sensor systems. With CAPTRON Solutions, we are extending our service portfolio to include individual software development and integration, process consulting (lean management) and project management.

This is a logical transformation step from hardware manufacturer to additional solutions and software service provider. CAPTRON is thus able to provide customers with comprehensive digital solutions from a single source – in which software and hardware are closely linked.

CAPTRON Solutions inside

All from one source

CAPTRON Solutions offers just the complete package needed for this. In addition to the oneGRID system, consisting of hardware and software, we support you during integration and commissioning on site – or even remotely. We adapt to your wishes.

We are...

Experts in human-machine interaction

We have been decisively influencing human-machine interaction since 1994 with the invention of the capacitive touch button for door opening for buses and trains and the operation of machines and systems.

We have now perfected the capacitive touch button and developed the ideal Pick-by-Light for manual picking.


Ambitious entrepreneurs striving for innovation

We live the startup culture – only with 40 years of experience. We question established systems and constantly strive for improvement. We love the challenge of finding the best solutions for our customers and partners.

"Be curious and creative, question the status quo and look at things from a different angle," is our motto.

Perfectionists in technology and quality

Innovative solutions and high-quality sensors are what sets us apart. For us, quality and state-of-the-art innovations are not just a requirement – we also live it.

Our products are used globally in all weathers and all ambient temperatures – and have been for decades without failures and with minimal maintenance.

Digital natives and IT enthusiasts

As a dedicated team of project and product specialists, software developers, marketers and leaders with a strong affinity for IT, we develop order picking solutions for intralogistics at two locations in Germany and Poland.

We see ourselves as a partner for manufacturing SMEs and offer process consulting and individual software development to accompany our customers to the next level of digitisation.


Value chain

We have access to a deep and broad value chain. CAPTRON develops hardware and software, manufactures by hand and by means of automation on more than 2000 m2 and has been maintaining direct contact with the market and customers for almost 40 years through a now strong global marketing and sales team.

This allows us to respond quickly to customers' needs without wasting a lot of time.

International hardware and software development

Automation and development at 4 locations worldwide. We have access to a deep and broad value chain.

In-house production

We manufacture by hand with passion and precision. CAPTRON products are not produced on the assembly line, but in our in-house production.

Market-oriented product development

Our developers include the most capable engineers, electrical engineers and programmers in the industry. Product development also benefits from the market knowledge of sales and the visions of our technical management.

Global marketing and sales team

For almost 40 years, we have maintained direct contact with the market and customers through a now strong global marketing and sales team.



CAPTRON is a family-run company with its headquarters in Germany. Since the company was founded in 1983, CAPTRON has specialised in the development, production and sale of capacitive and optical sensors and sensor systems for worldwide use in industrial automation, traffic and building technology. The extensive product portfolio is complemented by continuous further developments and innovations, as well as customer-specific sensor solutions and custom-made products.


Global presence

For over 10 years we have been successfully advancing our international expansion and cultural exchange. We employ more than 20 different nationalities in four different countries on three continents. The international and cultural exchange helps us to think and act in a new and different way. We challenge the status quo and always strive for better solutions.


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