Perfect visibility and full flexibility

The smartLED strips from CAPTRON always adapt exactly to your needs. Each of the 60 LEDs per meter can be controlled individually. This allows you to make optimal use of your storage compartments, because even the smallest compartments of 1.5cm can be clearly separated.

Pick-by-Light LED strips


smartLED strips in use

Convincing features

Our smartLEDs are the perfect complement to your pick-by-light system.

They increase the speed of picking through very good visibility and reduce picking errors to a minimum. In combination with our pick-by-light scanners and the oneGRID application, they result in a flexible pick-by-light system.

Good worker guidance
The smartLED bars are highly visible even in high ambient light and can accelerate guidance even further via animation.
Flexible adjustable compartment widths
The compartment width can be freely adjusted for smartLED Stripes up to 3 meters long, as each of the 60 LEDs per meter can be controlled individually.
Multi-User Picking
Each user can be assigned their own colors, which are clearly recognizable.
Little effort required for cabling
Up to 5 smartLED strips can be controlled via one LEDhub, the smartLED strips are up to 3 meters long.

smartLED strip

Technical drawing

Connection plan


Technical data

Operating temperature
-20 °C (-4 °F)…+65 °C (149 °F)
Degree of protection IP
Degree of protection IK
60 RGB LED per meter