Increase efficiency in the warehouse with Put-to-Light

Put-to-Light optimizes warehouse logistics processes and creates a central location for bundling items in e-commerce and 3rd party logistics providers (3PL).

The innovative put-to-wall solution

Fast & error-free consolidation with Put-to-Light

Our intuitive put-to-light system streamlines your warehouse management and optimizes order consolidation for e-commerce providers and 3rd party logistics providers (3PL).

Mobil praphic shows Put Wall application with Put-to-Light system
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Minimize training time

The intuitive operation of the Put Walls means that training time is reduced to a minimum. This means that even non-specialist personnel can learn to operate the put wall within minutes.

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Increase sorting performance

Our bright LED strips are highly visible on the shelf. With a back-of-hand scanner and pick-by-light scanner, sorting performance can be increased even with high order loads.

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Needs-based complete solution

We offer a complete solution tailored to your needs, including a complete shelving system if required. This eliminates the effort involved in coordinating different suppliers.

Customer projects & references

Put-to-Light in use at Outfittery

weLOG offers customized full-service solutions for regional, national and international companies. Together with weLOG, we realized a 60m put wall for the e-commerce company Outfittery.

Advantages of our solution

Put-to-Light benefits for e-commerce and 3PL

Increase efficiency
The visual guidance of employees using our LED strips in combination with back-of-hand scanners and the smart pick-by-light buttons speeds up order consolidation enormously and makes it more efficient.
Faster order processing in e-commerce
Durch den Einsatz der Put Wall optimieren Sie Kommissionierprozesse und ermöglichen eine schnellere Abwicklung von Online-Bestellungen.
Increased flexibility
The combination of pick-by-light pushbuttons and LED strips enables a very flexible and slim design of a Put Wall storage rack. While the LED strips clearly indicate the correct compartment even in poor lighting conditions, the smart pick-by-light buttons are used to confirm the storage location and, if necessary, display the quantities.
Reduction of errors
Our user-friendly pick-by-light pushbuttons make handling a breeze. With simple touches, your employees can complete picking tasks effortlessly and ergonomically, minimizing strain and increasing overall productivity.
Our put-to-light system can be easily adapted to growing order volumes - ideal for e-commerce companies on a growth path.
Fast and precise order consolidation
Tailored to your needs

More flexibility for your warehouse management with Put Wall and Put-to-Light

Can be seamlessly integrated into any system landscape

Our controllers have an Ethernet connection for easy connection to the network. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for an additional power supply and reduces cabling to a minimum. Using MQTT, our controllers can be easily integrated into your warehouse management software or other systems.


Put Wall solution at medi

medi develops innovative solutions in the medical field that help to improve quality of life, maximize therapeutic success and enable an improved body feeling in both the sports and fashion segments (CEP and ITEM m6). Our Put Wall solution with Put-to-Light system ensures smooth, fast and error-free order processing at medi.