The world's first mobile pick-by-light system ISAC

Simple and flexible goods picking and warehouse navigation using computer vision and laser spotlight.
Mobile and efficient order picking

ISAC saves money and time

The ISAC mobile pick-by-light system for fast, intuitive and error-free picking adapts flexibly to different warehouse layouts for use in manufacturing, industry and e-commerce.

Unlike traditional pick-by-light systems, ISAC eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly hardware installations with extensive wiring. Our complete solution consisting of picking trolley with laser spotlight, computer vision and oneGRID pick-by-light software can be rented as an option and is ready for immediate use in just a few steps.

  • Step 1: Affix ISAC codes to the storage locations
  • Step 2: Scan codes and articles
  • Step 3: Perform initial scan and import the work orders
Mit dem Pick-by-Light System ISAC mobil und effizient kommissionieren.
Optimum control of all warehouse processes

Effective and convenient commissioning

Icon warehouse map

Precise 3D mapping of the entire stock

ISAC creates a virtual 3D map of the warehouse and guides staff to the correct storage location with 100% accuracy.

Icon order picking

Intuitive, fast and error-free picking

ISAC guides you intuitively to the right storage location with the light beam, optimizes route guidance and eliminates time-consuming search and picking errors. Efficient multi-order picking saves time and resources.

Icon easy onboarding

Quick and easy onboarding

The intuitive design of the graphical user interface (GUI) enables new employees and unskilled seasonal staff to be quickly trained.

Mobile picking with pick-by-light

Advantages of mobile pick-by-light

The camera-based system records the current position of the individual materials each time they are moved through the warehouse and saves them. This means that warehousing can be organized flexibly and nothing is lost.

Short distances, fast picking
With graphical user interfaces and light signals intuitively and error-free through the warehouse and the picking process.
Dynamic storage and retrieval
Erfassung des Lagerbestands bei jeder Fahrt durch das Lager
Simple and intuitive operation
Your employees can get started with the system immediately, without intensive training.
Ready for immediate use without installation effort
The mobile pick-by-light system is an all-in-one system and requires no additional effort for commissioning.
Fast integration and setup
Only the goods and the storage locations are provided with QR codes and you are ready to go. The system is then taught in fully automatically as it passes by.
Real-Time Position Tracking
The system recognizes the location in the warehouse at all times and enables real-time optimization of routes and processes.
Efficient multi-order picking
The pick-by-light system ensures efficient multi-order picking of several orders at the same time.
The oneGRID pick-by-light software integrates seamlessly with existing WMS or ERP systems and automatically controls the inventory in the warehouse and the work orders.
Mobil pick cart with computer vision and laser spotlight
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