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Use Case

Optimized storage processes for leading water technology group


Smart pick-by-light solution for Xylem

Watch the video to see how Xylem uses the oneGRID Pick-by-Light system in the production warehouse. The large display on the picking trolley guides employees to the storage location with optimum route guidance. Bright LED strips on the shelving system indicate the correct bin. Picking is confirmed ergonomically via capacitive buttons on the picking trolley. oneGRID relieves warehouse staff of reading, searching, identifying and checking tasks and improves picking accuracy to 99.9%.


Task and problems

Xylem was faced with the challenge of improving efficiency and accuracy in its small parts warehouse for raw materials. The company was previously using paper lists for picking. This method presented several significant problems:

1. time-consuming: manually searching for and picking raw items using paper lists was time-consuming and resulted in long processing times for orders. This inhibited overall productivity and led to delays in production.

2. susceptibility to errors: The use of paper lists was prone to errors. Mix-ups and incorrect withdrawals were frequent, which caused additional costs and effort for corrections and impaired the reliability of the warehouse system.

3. training new employees: introducing new employees to the existing system was complicated and time-consuming. Without a clearly structured and intuitive system, new employees had to undergo intensive training to familiarize themselves with the warehouse processes.

With the aim of optimizing the biggest problems - time expenditure, error rate and training time for new employees - Xylem opted for a technologically advanced solution with Pick-by-Light.

Pick-by-Light System Warehouse Xylem

Our solution concept for Xylem:

We have successfully installed the oneGRID Pick-by-Light system in the small parts warehouse for our customer Xylem. This warehouse contains 1000 raw articles, which are distributed across around 30 shelves. To ensure optimum functionality, almost 300 meters of smart LED strips were installed. The system is supplemented by two mobile picking trolleys, which are used for multi-order picking. We have also developed a customized interface to Xylem's ERP system, which transfers the orders to the oneGRID software in real time.

Efficiency and precision in the small parts warehouse:

  1. Increased productivity: Thanks to the oneGRID pick-by-light system in combination with the mobile picking trolleys, productivity has increased by up to 50 percent. This means that Xylem is now able to process significantly more orders in less time.
  2. Increased accuracy: The accuracy of picking raw materials has been increased to an impressive 99.9 percent. This precision reduces errors and thus minimizes the costs and effort required for corrections.
  3. Faster training: The oneGRID system has considerably simplified and accelerated the training of new employees. New employees are quickly guided to the correct storage location via the route guidance system. Items are picked and confirmed intuitively using the smart pick-by-light buttons with bright LEDs and a clear display.

Overall, our solution enables Xylem to manage its warehouse much more efficiently and precisely, which leads to a significant improvement in operational processes. With the oneGRID system, we have created a customized solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of Xylem's raw materials warehouse.

Pick-by-Light order picking Xylem