Improve picking in manufacturing companies

In most manufacturing companies - especially in the SME sector - the man-to-goods principle is still used, as automation of the warehouse is not worthwhile in most cases due to the lower order volume.

Man-to-goods picking (also: person-to-goods picking) describes a type of picking in which the provision of the goods takes place statically. In other words, the employee goes to the storage location and picks the required goods on site. (Source: Mann-zur-Ware-Kommissionierung - Logistik KNOWHOW)

Intuitive picking process through pick-by-light

In many cases, employees still work with a classic picking list - or pick list - where they print out the orders and items to be picked on a list and then work through them step by step.

This often results in errors, which in the worst case lead to complaints from the customer. In addition, unnecessary distances are covered and a lot of time is spent on orientation.

Thanks to intuitive guidance by means of light, errors are reduced to a minimum with the oneGRID system and order processing is accelerated. If the system is expanded with the pickCART, several orders can be processed simultaneously. This significantly increases efficiency through multi-order picking.

Application examples

Advantages at a glance

Easy integration into non-digital workflows
The paperless oneGRID system easily integrates with non-digital workflows and helps you manage the paper chaos of order processing.

Increase the number of picking operations and avoid errors
Route optimization and intuitive lighting guidance can reduce distances and increase the number of picking processes. With multi-order picking, this is increased even more significantly. Digital order management and worker guidance reduce errors to a minimum.

Flexible and easy to adapt to the shelf sizes in the rack
Hardware as well as software can be integrated into your processes and warehouse structures with little effort. Adjustments during operation are conceivably simple and can be carried out yourself.

Low investment costs and installation effort
The smartLEDs can be mounted in a version of up to 5 meters in length. This means that as many shelves as possible can be served with just one display. The segmentation is completely flexible and easy to adjust. Since one LEDhub can control up to 5 smartLED strips, the cabling effort is very low.

Typical project flow

Quick return on investment

The costs for error correction are very high, especially after shipping. By reducing the error rate to as low as 0.12% and an average of €1.02 per pick, you can quickly achieve savings and increase customer satisfaction with the oneGRID pick-by-light system.

The figures in the table on picking with a classic receipt are based on a study by the Technical University of Munich.