oneGRID pick-by-light system for manufacturing industry

The flexible and intuitive pick-by-light solution on your way to lean and digitized processes.

The oneGRID pick-by-light system consists of the oneGRID smartLED and an intuitive oneGRID application that guides you through the picking process. Optionally, the system can be extended by a pickCART and offers possibilities to make your logistics processes even more efficient by means of inventory mode and inventory optimization.

Your advantages

  • Easy installation in non-digital processes
    paperless order processing in cloud application
  • Increased number of picking operations
    Path optimization and good visibility of the storage compartments as well as multi-order picking
  • Error-free order picking
    Display of the correct compartment and the correct number

oneGRID Application


Functions of the oneGRID software

The oneGRID software already offers many building blocks of a warehouse management system.

Figure: Core functions according to VDI 3601